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Thomas Herndon

Thomas Herndon

Click on the link below to find out about Tom's Military Service.

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12/21/16 08:09 PM #1    

Debbie Dennison

I got  to go to Washington, D.C. when I was in my last year of my Associates Degree. I was President of our Phi Theta Kappa organization at Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona (1996). We had a huge amount of money in the "kitty" and it was the year of the National Convention of PTK in Washington, D.C. So, we decided that the four officers would go to D.C. for the convention. While we were there, one of our tourisit things to do was to go to "The Wall" of Veitnam Veterans. I wanted to get a rubbing of Thomas (Tom) Herdon;s name. We actually went twice to "the Wall". The first time was just a quick look and we didn't have time to find Tom's name and get a "rubbing". So, we decided we would come back. When we did, I could not believe the emotion that would come pouring out of me. When we got to the aisle where we would find Tom's name, my heart began to pound, my knees got weak and I began to sob. It was overwhelming. I want to tell all of my classmates from all our years that it was the most memorable thing I had ever done in my life. I did not imagine the emotion that would come pouring out and it is a feeling I will NEVER forget. I urge those who can to visit "The Wall" and Tom and any other soldiers you know who served for our country during the Vietnam War to visit and allow yourself to take in the feeling you didn't know you had for those who served and died for our country. I have a couple of pictures of that day and when I get my printer/scanner back up and running, I will post them. Please, all who have visited "The Wall" share your experiences with all of us. I am sure Tom is watching and loving seeing all of you!!!


12/27/16 11:56 AM #2    

Paul Filstrup

We visited the wall as well and looked up Tom and another soldier named Lamarre Major (I worked with his father at Rahn's Shoe Store). It was very emotional and touching - you can see food containers, flowers, other mementos left for other soldiers along the wall. The wall is a must see for our Viet Nam generation.

06/06/17 08:30 AM #3    

William Hartzell

Memorial Day brought back memories of Tom and his service to our country during the Viet Nam War. I found an article about Tom and have included the associated link.

Proud to have known Tom and our other classmates that have served.

06/07/17 08:52 AM #4    

Robert Robinson

Thanks Bill for the information on Tom.

06/07/17 12:20 PM #5    

Paul Filstrup

What an interesting article about Tom and his military history and pictures. Thanks so much, Bill.


06/07/17 03:58 PM #6    

Thomas Van Scyoc

I visited the wall and found Toms name, I had tears in my eyes , it was very emotional experience! I would recommend seeing and experiencing the wall even though it is mentally challenging!

06/12/17 09:28 PM #7    

Michael Miller

I sat at Tom's parent's diner in St Joe with my dad who grew up with Tom's dad.  The two of them were chatting about old times.  Both Tom and I were only children and I just couldn't shake the guilt or sadness I felt sitting there with my dad across from another dad without a son - it could've been me.  I saw Kay Zitta's smile and couldn't beilieve she's dead.  We need to bring all our memories to the reunion and celebrate the great time we spent together. Even those who have passed will have a chance for their memories to be shared again. A big thankyou to the reunion committee!

08/11/17 01:37 PM #8    

Daniel Zwar

We both went to First Baptist Church. Tom' s Mom and mine are still friends there. He was such a nice guy! I still remember his beautiful orange car with the American flag over the hood parked in front of the church at his funeral! I bet some of you had something to do with that! I thought it was so appropriate! Thanks!!

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